Mauritius: Unlock Your Property Dreams as an International Buyer

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If you’re considering buying property in of Mauritius, look no further! This comprehensive guide, brought to you by Safyr Property Solutions, will provide you with the essential knowledge and steps to make an informed purchase decision. Whether you’re a non-citizen seeking a safe home for your family, a property generating returns or a savvy investor eyeing long-term opportunities, Mauritius offers attractive real estate acquisition schemes tailored to your needs. Let’s dive into the details and discover how you can own your piece of paradise.

Integrated Resort Schemes (IRS)

Introduced in 2002, Integrated Resort Schemes (IRS) are sprawling residential estates with high end facilities often found on a golf courses or offering direct access to the beach. These resorts offer a variety of property types, including villas, apartments, townhouses, and land to build your home. Purchasing a property within an IRS grants permanent residence for you, your spouse, and dependents.

Real Estate Schemes (RES)

Established in 2007, Real Estate Schemes (RES) encompass smaller developments primarily situated in coastal areas like Grand Bay and Tamarin/Black River. Known for their stunning beaches, RES projects offer an array of property options. Permanent residence can be obtained through the RES scheme by purchasing a property above USD 375,000.

Property Development Scheme (PDS)

Introduced in 2015, the Property Development Scheme (PDS) combines the best features of IRS and RES. PDS developments are private estates that provide various property types, such as apartments, senior residences, townhouses, and villas. By purchasing a property above USD 375,000 within a PDS development, you qualify for permanent residence.

Smart Cities

Mauritius has introduced Smart Cities, which are large-scale real estate developments integrating residential, commercial, educational, and recreational facilities. These cities offer a wide range of residential and commercial properties. Purchasing a property above USD 375,000 in a Smart City grants permanent residence.

Apartments in Ground + 2 Dwellings

Since December 2016, non-residents have been allowed to purchase apartments in Mauritius which don’t need to be under the schemes mentioned above. The apartment must be part of a residence with at least two levels above the ground floor (Ground + 2 or higher).

The minimum purchase price is Rs 6 million. Acquiring an apartment above $375,000 makes you eligible for permanent residence. Key Factors to Consider When Buying Property in Mauritius:

  1. Property Type: Decide on the type of property that suits your needs, whether it’s an apartment, townhouse, or detached house. Each option has its own advantages and considerations, such as shared amenities in condos, greater privacy in townhouses, or independence and space in detached houses.
  2. Size: Evaluate the property’s size based on your current and future needs. Determine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms required for comfortable living, considering potential family expansion or specific space requirements.
  3. Outdoor Space: Consider your desired outdoor space, such as private balconies, decks, gardens, or access to communal recreational areas. Assess your lifestyle and preferences to choose a property with the right outdoor space.
  4. Location: Research different regions of Mauritius and consider factors like proximity to amenities, schools, employment opportunities, and natural attractions. Coastal areas like Grand Bay and Tamarin/Black River offer beautiful beaches, while other regions provide unique landscapes and cultural experiences.
  5. Budget and Financing: Determine your budget and explore financing options available for non-citizens. Take into account additional costs like property taxes, maintenance fees, and legal fees to ensure a comprehensive financial plan.
  6. Legal Considerations: Engage a reputable local notary to guide you through the legal processes and ensure compliance with Mauritius’ real estate regulations. They will help with property searches, due diligence, drafting contracts, and other legal aspects.

Seek Expert Advice from Safyr Property Solutions

Navigating the property acquisition process in Mauritius can be complex, but you don’t have to do it alone. Safyr Property Solutions specializes in assisting non-citizens with their property purchases in Mauritius. Their experienced team provides personalized guidance, helping you find the perfect property and navigate legal procedures with ease.

Owning property in Mauritius offers not only a tropical retreat but also long-term investment potential and above all an incredible lifestyle. By understanding the various property acquisition schemes, considering important factors like property type, size, location, and seeking expert advice, you can confidently make a well-informed decision. Safyr Property Solutions is ready to assist you in this exciting journey, ensuring a smooth and successful property purchase in Mauritius.

Take the first step towards your dream property and embrace the beauty of this island paradise today.

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